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Before any project breaks ground or begins the restoration process Homer Environmental can provide the best management practices and ecological solutions for the installation, recovery and improvement of your natural area, at the same time protecting your assets such as water quality and rare species. Regardless of size, type or budget of your project our staff will take the necessary steps to provide innovative solutions to make sure that your project becomes ecologically sustainable and esthetically pleasing for years to come.

Prairie and Wetland Planning

Prairies are unique ecosystems dominated by grasses and other non-woody plants called forbs. These ecosystems are the result of the interactions between the precipitation and temperature of a region, the landforms, how quickly water drains from soil, fire, plants, and animals. Each plays a crucial role in the establishment of a prairie.   The most vital task in keeping these prairies sustainable is keeping invasive flora out of them. In just a short matter of time, a high quality prairie can so get overgrown with invasives such a sweet clover, teasel and thistles etc. Homer Environmental can provide a site assessment to help begin the recovery process. Our highly experienced staff members can also provide the most effective and cost efficient management plan to help restore the degraded area.

Wetlands were once a dominant feature of the Illinois landscape and played a large role in reducing flooding, recharging groundwater supplies, and filtering pollutants and nutrients. Natural wetlands are highly productive environments for plants and animals, but many of those remaining in Illinois have been highly degraded. With the introduction of new development and the intrusion of invasive weeds such as reed canary grass, cattails and Phragmites, just to name a few, our wetlands are in dire need of restoration. Our staff can provide a proper invasive management, habitat assessments, natural resource damage assessments, and delineation plans to help restore and protect this vital ecosystem.

Personal, Home Owners Association, Commercial Property Planning

Homer Environmental understands the importance of proper communication between owners, contractors, consultants, and is determined to take to proper steps in moving efficiently from planning through sign-off. Our professionals are dedicated to ensuring that projects are efficiently and effectively implemented and managed in order to meet project design goals and performance standards. Whether you are looking to increase the value for your personal property, or want to make your landscape more aesthetically pleasing, our staff can create the right plan for your needs.

Many Home Owners Associations and Commercial property owners are always looking for a way to improve their natural landscapes for the residents and customers. Homer Environmental can help with the assessment and improvement of these properties. We can tailor any site to fit your property improvement goals. We have been able to turn old degraded properties to flourishing native landscapes. Our staff can create the perfect plan that fits the budget, goals and satisfaction our communities and commercial properties.

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