Creation of a natural area from scratch is a very gratifying task. Coming back years later to an installation site and seeing a prairie in full bloom or a diverse wetland complete with waterfowl and frogs makes the hard work of environmental restoration all worth it. Homer Environmental strives though the entire installation process to lay the groundwork necessary for the area to thrive.

Site Preparation

Site preparation is the most important groundwork for ensuring that a native site installation grows well. Killing invasive species already present, removal of vegetation and debris that prevent seed contact with the soil or sunlight with the seed, and proper soil preparation give the site conditions that allow it to rapidly become an impressive paradise.


If the current site topography does not match what is needed, Homer Environmental can restructure it through excavation and grading. Whether it is dredging a silted-in pond or changing drainage patterns to solve erosion problems and direct runoff to the proper wetlands, our equipment operators are experienced to the task.

Seeding & Planting

Homer Environmental utilizes an array of seeding equipment and techniques to best match the site type, size, timing, and conditions. We know the best practices for broadcast seeding a large new prairie with a tractor, hydroseeding road banks, or handseeding a high-quality seedmix to increase site diversity.

For quicker establishment than just seeding provides, small container grown plants – plugs – are excellent tools. This is especially useful for wetlands where the plugs’ rapid growth helps prevent erosion, but it can also be highly beneficial for jump-starting select species in prairies and forests, or in a site with high aesthetic needs.

For forest and savannah restorations, Homer Environmental can install native shrubs and saplings that, given time, will provide excellent food, habitat, and shelter.

All seed, plugs, and plants that we install are grown by professional nurseries specializing in high-quality native propagation.

Erosion Control

Erosion is a self-inflicted plague caused by development practices. Destruction of water-retaining wetlands, channelizing of streams, paving of massive areas, and frequent disturbances to vegetation cause rapid surface runoff during rain events, leading to erosion.

Homer Environmental can install both temporary and permanent measures to help mediate these factors, fix eroded areas, and protect sites against further erosion. For all our projects we employ careful planning and best practices during installation to protect against erosion damage.

Some of the erosion control services we offer are shoreline repair, rain gardens, terraced banks, armored channels, ditch checks, hydroseeding, and straw blanketing.

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