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Replant. Replenish. Restore.

Homer Environmental is committed to restoring, protecting, and improving wetlands, woodlands and prairies for our public and private clients. It is our mission to preserve and establish beautiful, lush, ecologically sustainable native plant communities to improve ecological diversity, plant and wildlife habitat, along with air and water quality to offset destruction and disturbance caused by development changing environmental conditions.

Consulting Services

Whether your property is a Prairie, Shoreline, Woodland or Wetland Let Homer evaluate and design the ideal Native Landscape for you!

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Installation Services

Trust our Homer professionals to install and maintain your native prairies, woodlands, and wetlands.

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Invasive Species Control

Allow Homer's team to effectively target and treat unwanted species using a variety of removal techniques.

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Going Green

At Homer Environmental, we take Going Green to a whole different level than its usual associations – actually working in the damaged natural environment to conserve and restore what used to be common: expansive wetlands filled with croaking frogs, rolling prairies with wind sweeping through tall grasses, and stately forests with a carpet of vibrantly blooming spring ephemeral flowers.

planthealth-3These areas have been mostly lost to two centuries of agriculture and development. Now there are just fragmented pockets left, most of which are too small to independently maintain the complex ecosystems that are needed for these areas to be self-sustaining. Because of this, we have lost water quality that natural filtration provided. We’ve lost diverse flora and fauna communities. We’ve lost water-storage areas that kept most flooding in areas that could handle it without erosion. We’ve lost the green space that stirs peace and calm in our hearts. We’ve lost the vast carbon storage systems that helped regulate the climate.

Finally, people are broadly realizing how much we’ve lost and how much more we stand to lose, and are mobilizing. Homer Environmental is excited to partner with public entities, private corporations, and landowners who want to make a greener Earth. Let’s do this together.

Let’s Replant, Replenish, and Restore.



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