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Heat Wave Trees

Understanding Heat Stress on Trees

With rising temperatures, homeowners across the United States are increasingly facing the challenges of heat stress on their trees. The summer of 2023 brought record-breaking ...
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Dutch Elm Disease Cover Photo

Disease Spotlight: Dutch Elm Disease

Dutch Elm Disease (DED) has long been a scourge to the iconic American elm trees that once lined many of our streets and parks. As ...
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Japanese Beetle on Leaf

Japanese Beetle: Spotlight on Emergence and Impact

As we approach the summer months, one of the most notorious pests that arborists and gardeners must prepare for is the Japanese beetle. Known for ...
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CicadaWatch 2024™

Cicadas are fascinating insects known for their loud, distinctive calls and unique life cycles. With over 3,000 species worldwide, cicadas capture the curiosity of entomologists ...
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Essential Treatments for Ash Trees: Emerald Ash Borers

Another spring has come and gone, and we’re into the last few weeks of the season before entering the summer months. This means many of ...
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freeze damage full

Cracking the Color Code of Evergreens

As we move through the colder winter months, you may notice that your evergreen plants change color to brown, orange, or even purple from their ...
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