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Homer Tree Service maintains the industry’s most complete fleet of land clearing equipment – it is the competitive edge we bring to every project. A comprehensive collection of specially designed track-driven and heavy-duty equipment enables the Homer Tree Service team to provide every client with premier service.

Here’s a brief description of the equipment – operated by highly-trained team members – Homer Tree Service puts to work for you.

  • Feller Bunchers – this heavy-duty piece of equipment cuts and collects trees before felling them.
  • Whole Tree Chippers – quickly & efficiently chips entire trees up to 30” in diameter.
  • Stumper – completely grinds & mulches stumps and associated root mass up to 36” below ground level.
  • Tree Skidder – bundles & transports logs and brush to designated chipping areas; key to efficient project management.
  • Hydro-Ax Brush Mowers – this heavy duty piece of land clearing equipment makes quick work of dense thickets and brush.

Complete self-mobilization capabilities enable us to transport all the equipment needed to your site, without delay.


Homer Tree Service’s track mounted stump grinders use large vertically aligned blades with metal teeth to completely grind and mulch stumps and associated root mass up to 36” below ground level.

Whole Tree Chippers

Our 1,150 horse power Morbark 5048 track mounted Whole Tree Chipper is the largest and most powerful track chipper in the world. This machine is capable of chipping whole trees up to 40 inches in diameter. Homer Tree Service operates a fleet of 4 of these powerful machines, to make quick work of any size land clearing project.

Feller Bunchers

The feller buncher is dual-function track mounted machine with a hot saw attachment that is capable of cutting and holding more than one tree trunk at a time. These machines mechanically fell trees quickly, safely, and efficiently. The enclosed cab not only keeps the operator safe, but also allows us to work year round despite extreme hot or cold temperatures. Designed specifically for land clearing operations, the feller buncher cuts and stacks trees at a pace much faster than any hand crew with chainsaws.

Tree Skidders

Tree Skidders

The four wheel drive, rubber tire grapple skidder, is ideal for quickly covering longer distances over rugged terrain. Using a hydraulic claw attachment, the grapple skidder can bundle and transport logs and brush to designated chipping areas.

Tiger Cat

Hydro-Ax Mulcher

A Hydro-Ax Mulcher, (also called a forestry mulcher), is a powerful mulching attachment which enables us to take unwanted vegetation, including trees up to six inches in diameter, and transform this debris into mulch in a matter of seconds. The Hydro-Ax Mulcher can remove underbrush without harming the mature trees, damaging any existing structures, or disturbing the top soil. In fact, the mulch produced by this method of clearing provides an environmentally safe additive which enriches the soils, helps prevents soil erosion and recycles the debris eliminating the need for costly debris haul offs.

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