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Homer Industries is committed to being the Midwest’s largest producer of playground material and hardwood landscape mulch. We offer a superior product at a competitive price that is delivered on time, every time.

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For estimates on our premium commercial & residential mulch products, call 815-838-0863

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Homer Industries proudly offers color enhanced mulch. Made from virgin double processed hardwood or recycled mulch and is perfect for decorative landscaping.

We offer a wide variety of rich colors that include dark brown, chocolate, bright red, black and gold. We use the highest quality colorant on the market that is non-toxic and safe to the environment.

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Bright Red

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Dark Brown

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Hardwood Mulch

Our Hardwood Mulch, with a distinctive natural dark color, is available in double or triple processed.

Made from hardwood logs and bark, we allow the mulch to “season” after its first process, acquiring its dark color by natural decomposition. Homer’s Hardwood Mulch adds richness and beauty to any commercial or residential landscape.


mulch double hardwood

Double Processed Hardwood Mulch

mulch triple hardwood

Triple Processed Hardwood Mulch

mulch fines hardwood

Hardwood Fines

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Nature's Blanket

Our Nature’s Blanket Playground Surfacing is a perfect wood fiber surface for playgrounds and parks. These wood chips are specially processed to create a playground surfacing that is clean and free from twigs and leaves. 

Nature’s Blanket meets all current ASTM requirements for playground surfacing (ASTM F1292, F2075, F2075-20, F1951).

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Nature's Blanket

Natures Blanket mulch on a playground

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