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Air Spading: A Revolutionary Approach to Arboriculture

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When it comes to nurturing our landscape, the health of the soil is vital. Traditional methods of soil care often involve digging and other invasive practices that can disrupt the delicate balance of the ecosystem beneath the surface. In the world of arboriculture and landscaping, innovative techniques continually emerge to help professionals better care for trees and plants. Rooted in science and driven by technology, air spading has revolutionized how we approach soil excavation. 

Air spading is an innovative tree care method that utilizes compressed air to safely and efficiently excavate soil around the roots and other sensitive areas without causing damage. Unlike traditional digging or other exposure methods, air spading involves the use of specialized equipment that releases high-velocity air into the soil. The pressure of the air assists in loosening compacted soil, removing debris, and allowing for aeration without causing harm to plants or surrounding environment. Unlike conventional digging, air spading reduces the risk of root damage, allowing trees to recover faster and thrive. Clearing soil allows arborists to inspect roots for signs of disease, pests, or other health issues. This facilitates timely interventions, safeguarding the ecosystem from potential threats.

Our air spading services are designed to address root collar excavation, vertical mulching, radial trenching, soil aeration, root pruning, bare rooting and transplanting, as well as safeguarding trees during construction, remodeling, or pool construction events.

Root Collar Excavation:

The root collar, where a tree’s roots meet the trunk, is a critical area that often requires careful attention. Air spading delicately exposes the vital zone, allowing arborists to inspect for potential issues such as girdling roots, decay, or improper planting depth. Correcting these issues can significantly improve the tree’s overall health and longevity.

Vertical Mulching:

 Air spading aids arborists in vertical mulching, a practice that involves creating small holes in the soil around a tree’s base and filling them with organic matter. This technique enhances soil structure, promotes water infiltration, and encourages root growth. With air spading, arborists can precisely position these mulch-filled channels for maximum benefit.

Radial Trenching:

In urban environments where compacted soil limits root growth, radial trenching using air spading proves invaluable. This method involves creating radial trenches around the tree, allowing roots to expand into loosened soil. The improved root development enhances nutrient and water uptake, fostering healthier trees that can withstand urban stressors.

Soil Aeration:

Healthy roots require well-aerated soil. Air spading facilitates effective soil aeration by loosening compacted layers and promoting better airflow. Improved aeration enhances microbial activity, nutrient availability, and water retention, creating an optimal environment for root growth.

Root Pruning:

Root pruning is essential for managing tree size, reducing the risk of potential hazards, and promoting healthy growth. Air spading offers precise control when pruning roots, minimizing stress and ensuring the tree’s continued vitality.

Bare Rooting:

Transplanting trees can be a delicate process. Air spading simplifies the task by gently exposing and removing soil from around the roots, preparing the tree for relocation. This method minimizes root disturbance, increasing the success rate of transplanting endeavors.


Air spading plays a crucial role in transplanting by preserving the integrity of the root ball and reducing transplant shock. The technique allows for careful inspection, preparation, and positioning of the tree, setting it up for a successful transition to its new location.

Protecting Trees During Construction Events:

Our experts assess the construction site and create a comprehensive plan to protect your trees. Through precise air spading, we create a barrier between construction activities and the delicate root systems, preserving the tree’s health.

Our air spading services are tailored to your specific needs, providing a holistic approach that addresses poor planting conditions and protects your trees during construction. Contact Homer Tree Care today to learn more about how we can transform your landscape and preserve the natural beauty of your trees for generations to come.