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How to Remove Large Tree Stumps and Roots

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While large trees and shrubbery can add beautiful color and shade to your home, they can also be the catalyst for potentially damaging instances caused by severe weather or by overgrown branches. Maintaining your home’s trees will prevent costly damage down the road, which is why it’s sometimes necessary to cut down any large trees that can be deemed hazardous to your home or a neighbor’s.

After a tree and stump removal service, you might think you’re out of the wood as far as damage is concerned. Unfortunately, large trees leave behind years of ground roots that can impact many of your home’s daily functions, like plumbing, foundation, and electrical.

Removing these large tree stumps and roots is a vital part of protection your surrounding areas and preventing additional costs down the road.

While it’s not recommended to remove large tree stumps and roots on your own, there are ways to remove smaller tree stumps that are causing issue to your home. For full-service tree and stump removal services, request a quote today and get the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Chemical Removal

Chemical removal should be done with the utmost care and prevention, as there are potentially harmful chemicals at play. This removal method is not a one-and-done fix; it often takes at least four weeks to see results.

To begin, you’ll need to remove as much of the stump as possible. After that, it’s time to drill holes. To do this, use the largest drill bit you have and go as deep as possible, making sure to wear protective gear at all times.

Next, pour water down the holes followed by potassium nitrate or a fertilizer that’s high in nitrogen. The nitrogen will kickstart the rotting process from the inside out.

After you have soaked the tree stump, cover it will tarp or sturdy plastic to ensure that the moisture is retained. Cover the tarp with mulch or soil.

After a few weeks, your stump should be spongey enough to remove using a shovel or an axe.

Manual Removal

Unlike chemical removal, manual removal of a tree stump can be done in under 24 hours. Bear in mind, it’s also more labor intensive and will require a lot more tools.

To manually remove a tree stump you’ll need a few tools, including a bow saw, an axe, a mattock, and a digging bar. If your stump is larger, you’ll also need a stump grinder.

First, you’ll want to loosen the dirt surrounding the stump in order to gain access more easily. For this, simply use the end of the mattock to dig around. Once the dirt is loosened, remove it will a shovel. The goal is to see the tree roots underneath.

You can use your mattock to sever the tree roots. After that, continue to dig until you find the taproot. Cut through this with an axe or bow saw.

Wiggle the tree stump free around the taproot and pull it free from the topsoil. 

Fire Removal

Burning a tree stump is not the recommended choice as it can lead to serious injuries or potentially hazardous issues with surrounding shrubbery, however, if you need a tree stump stunted effectively, this is an option.

To begin, use a drill to create holes in the stump and pour in your tree stump removal product inside to increase the porosity of the stump.

Next, you’ll want to follow that with kerosene or fuel oil and let it soak. The stump needs to be porous enough to absorb all the fuel. Use a lighter and safely ignite the tree stump, making sure that it burns slowly with minimal flame.

This method will ensure that the tree stump will not continue to grow, but isn’t great for removal. It’s always best to get a professional opinion before using any potentially dangerous methods for tree and stump removal.

Professional Removal

Opting for a professional removal of trees and their stumps is the best and safest choice all around. A professional tree care company will have all the necessary tools, equipment, and experts required to handle even the toughest tree stump removal jobs.

A local tree care professional can not only work with you to remove your original tree, but remove the stump as well, while they’re there. Removing tree stumps is a tricky task and should always be left in the hands of an expert.

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At Homer Tree Care, we not only provide complete tree and stump removal for both residential and municipal clients, but we also have a team of certified arborists on board to ensure that there is no damage to surrounding areas.

To find out more about our tree and stump removal services or to get started, please contact us today!

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