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Is tree trimming covered by your homeowner’s insurance?

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Home tree trimming is an important part of overall tree health. Trees are typically trimmed not only for their health, but also for aesthetics and safety reasons. Regarding aesthetics, trimming a tree regularly helps them keep a nice appearance and maintains their shape. It’s important to know how to trim the tree, because in some cases if you try to change the shape or size of the tree, you can damage it. For the health of the tree, home tree trimming is important, especially if you notice any branches rubbing or crossing together because that can cause them to break and fall. The airflow of the tree can improve if you trim or thin the crown of the tree.

One of the most important reasons for home tree trimming? Safety. If you have broken or dead branches, they can unexpectedly fall at any time, causing damage to any vehicles in your driveway or your home. In many cases, they grow to close to utility lines as well. Generally, you can contact the utility company and they should take care of the tree trimming.

Some homeowners wonder if a home insurance policy covers tree trimming. Typically, homeowner insurance will not cover home tree trimming or other costs that come up when taking care of trees. This includes pruning the tree as well. They usually do provide protection for any damage or losses that occur to the house or property within the home. You need to check your policy because it will include what is covered for various occurrences. Some insurance companies do provide benefits if you must repair or replace your tree if it’s damaged in a storm.  

Even though most home insurance policies do cover trees and any damage they may cause, they usually have some exclusions. An example would be if a policyholder is found to be negligent in maintaining their trees. If they cause damage, the homeowner is not eligible to receive compensation because they are looked at as the cause of the loss – they failed to maintain their trees properly.  Homeowners and individuals, under most insurance policies, are required to trim or cut any branches from trees that are overhanging and near or touching your home. In some instances, homeowners may need emergency tree trimming services after occurrences such as storms, tornadoes, or hurricanes. It’s important to note that tree trimming companies will charge extra fees for these types of emergency services.

Let’s look at the cases where there isn’t a bad storm. Let’s say a tree dies and nothing is done, and it’s left to rot. In time, it will eventually fall over, especially if it’s left standing in that condition for a few years. If it happens to fall on your home, or the car in your driveway, the damage will not be covered because the insurance company will say you were negligent because you had plenty of time to fix it or remove it yourself.  

If you have any dead, rotting, or damaged trees, Homer Tree Care, Inc. provides comprehensive tree services and plant health care for residential, commercial, municipal, and institutional clients throughout the Midwest. Started by Joseph Reposh in 1935, incorporated in 1985, this family-owned business has experienced tremendous growth and now has over 200 employees, three operating divisions, the industry’s largest fleet of finely maintained state of the art equipment, and a reputation of getting the job done safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

With a full staff of Certified Arborists and skilled tree care professionals, we understand the importance of using proper techniques for the care of your trees. Let Homer Tree Care, Inc. enhance the value, aesthetics, and comfort of your home, office, or natural areas through proper tree care in a timely, safe, professional manner. You can be assured that our team of Certified Arborists is trained to solve all YOUR tree care, including tree trimming, needs!

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