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Maintaining your landscaping can be daunting as a homeowner. You make sure to take care of your lawn and plants, but what about your trees? Proper pruning is essential for not only keeping your trees looking their best, but also keeping them healthy. The process of pruning involves the removal of branching material and without it, your trees may not be able to grow to their full potential.

It may not be obvious when you should be pruning your trees, especially as a new homeowner. If you start to notice any of the below signs, you could be ready to prune!

  • Rubbing and crossing branches
  • Dead, dying or decayed branches
  • Branching growing into structures, utility lines, driveways and walkways
  • Broken or cracked branching from storms

There are many health benefits from your trees being pruned. A major benefit of pruning is to remove weaker branching that are more susceptible to pests and disease. Removing the affected branching before more damage can be spread, can help the longevity of the tree. Removing crossing and dead/dying branching, can improve the structure of your tree. This can influence the orientation, spacing, growth rate and strengthen the branch attachments. Pruning can also benefit the other plants and flowers in your landscaping. Pruning will open up the canopy and allow more light to penetrate the surrounding areas.

Did you know research suggests that having your trees pruned increases your property value anywhere from 3% to 15%? After reading that, you may want to go trim your trees right now! Our certified arborists on staff have the knowledge to know when pruning is warranted, so call Homer Tree Care instead. We know when, where and how to make your tree live its longest and best life. Call us today to have an arborist assess your trees!

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