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Homer Tree Service has over 30 years of experience in land clearing and debris removal for major projects throughout the Midwest. We’ve successfully completed thousands of complex assignments on some of the region’s most challenging terrain.

Our history includes:

  • Over 500 Residential and Commercial Developments
  • Airport and Parking Lot Expansions
  • Industrial Developments
  • Golf Course Developments
  • Roadway Widening and Extensions
  • Clearing for Hazardous Site Clean-ups
  • Bike trails & walking paths

Interstate 69- Evansville to Indianapolis


Interstate 69 is a prime example of fruition of a vision. The dream of a “Southwest Indiana Highway” to connect Evansville, Indiana to Bloomington, Indiana was first conceived in the 1970’s. It wasn’t until 1991 that congress proposed a “New National Highway System” that would consist of six “Corridors of the Future” extending from Mexico to Canada to create a primary north-south artery for the movement of goods and services in the US. The I-69 project is one of six corridors that is currently moving through construction to make the “New National Highway System” a reality.

corridorHomer Tree Service, Inc. is extremely honored and privileged to have taken part in clearing over 1,950 acres for one hundred plus miles for various contractors throughout the many phases of construction. Through the hills, the mud, the rocks and rivers Homer Tree Service persevered through the elements to help turn what once was a dream into reality. Our crews have worked alongside the most respected contractors in the United States abiding by Rule 5 Permits, 404 Permits and the Indiana Bat, Northern Long-eared Bat, and Bald Eagle restrictions as part of our commitment to protect the environment. We have spent countless hours on the job to ensure this corridor is completed in a timely, cost effective, and safest manner possible.

Fort McCoy Total Force Training Center

In 2014 Homer Tree Service, Inc. had the opportunity to give back to some of America’s hardest working, most respected, and well deserved citizens by performing vegetation removal services at the Fort McCoy Training Center in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. Approximately 800 acres of land were either brushed, cleared, seeded, fertilized, limed, or graded with various pieces of Homer Tree Services own personal arsenal of meticulously maintained land clearing and land restoration equipment. Broken into twenty different project locations over a 60,000 acre site this project was completed in less than three months, on time, under budget, and with the safest methods possible. Homer is proud and honored have assisted our nations Army training capabilities by opening up areas, creating foot and vehicle maneuvering training areas, and stressing training lands to provide realistic combat conditions.

Wetland Mitigation for West Branch DuPage

As part of a 350-acre multiyear restoration project Homer Tree Service, Inc. has happily worked under the direction of V3 Companies of Illinois to help restore one mile of the West Branch of the DuPage River in Bartlett, Illinois. With over 205 acres of field brushing, 20 acres of selective flood plain forest clearing, 83 acres of degraded woodland selective clearing, and 47 acres of clearing for grading operations Homer Tree Service has played a large role in helping to create healthier habitats for native wildlife while assisting residences of the area with their storm water management.

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