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Homer Industries is committed to being the Midwest’s largest producer of playground material and hardwood landscape mulch. We offer a superior product at a competitive price that is delivered on time, every time.

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Bright Red


Dark Brown



Homer Industries proudly offers color enhanced mulch. Made from virgin double processed hardwood or recycled mulch and is perfect for decorative landscaping.

We offer a wide variety of rich colors that include chocolate, bright red, black, or dark brown and will produce any color upon request. We use the highest quality colorant on the market that is non-toxic and safe to the environment.

Double Processed Hardwood Mulch

Double Processed Hardwood Mulch

Triple Processed Hardwood Mulch

Triple Processed Hardwood Mulch

Hardwood Fines

Hardwood Fines

Hardwood Mulch


Our Hardwood Mulch, with a distinctive dark color, is available in single, double, or triple processed. This “dark mulch color” is created naturally by Homer Industries.

Allowing the mulch to“season” after its first process, it acquires the color by natural decomposition. This type of mulch is made from hardwood logs and bark. Homer’s hardwood mulch adds richness and beauty to any commercial or residential landscape.

Homer Playground Chips

Nature's Blanket

Nature's Blanket


Receiving one of the highest government safety ratings Nature’s Blanket is a perfect wood fiber surface for all playgrounds, and parks. Our engineered wood fiber chips are processed to create playground surfacing that is clean and free from twigs and leaves. This superior wood fiber compacts in layers to give incredible impact resistance, along with meeting ASTM standards.


Whole Tree Wood Chips

Whole Tree Chips

Recycled Mulch

Recycled Material

Leaf Mulch

Leaf Mulch

Additional Products

Homer also offers premium whole tree woodchips, leaf mulch and recycled pallet material.


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